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Rethink Service Management with the Entartes NetSuite Service Plugin

Is NetSuite living up to your business’s unique service management needs? While NetSuite offers robust baseline features, it may lack the adaptability required for seamless and optimized service management. Here’s where the Entartes Service Plugin emerges as a game-changer, transforming and supercharging your NetSuite experience.

Evolving Your NetSuite Experience with the Entartes Service Plugin

The Entartes Service Plugin isn't merely a solution; it's a revolutionary approach to leveraging NetSuite for service management. Tailored for versatility and customization, this plugin introduces features that go beyond the capacities of the standard NetSuite Service Module.

With the Entartes Service Plugin, you usher in an era of adaptability, allowing your business to shape its service management processes in ways that best suit your specific needs.

Elevating Technician Engagement with Online Technician Notes and Scheduling

The Entartes Service Plugin pioneers a transformative approach to the technician's role, a cornerstone of service management. With features like Online Technician Notes and Technician Scheduling, this plugin brings a new level of efficiency and engagement for technicians.

Online Technician Notes offer a user-friendly, HTML-based platform where technicians can record preliminary assessments of units. This feature ensures thorough documentation, simplifies record-keeping, and facilitates easy retrieval of information.

The Technician Scheduling feature, built with a user-friendly interface, optimizes technician assignment to service cases, ensuring the right person is on the job at the right time.

Unleashing Efficiency with Service Work Orders

The Entartes Service Plugin introduces a groundbreaking feature to manage Service Work Orders. It provides an interactive form that makes it easy to update work orders, including adding parts and logging labor time. It ensures effective task tracking and accurate time management, enhancing productivity and customer service. This feature stands as a testament to the plugin's commitment to simplifying service management while ensuring quality control.

Flexible and Customizable Unit Registration

Unit registration is made flexible and efficient with the Entartes Service Plugin, accommodating 'Upon Fulfillment,' 'Upon Invoice,' and 'Upon Build' options. This dynamic approach enables seamless workflow management, empowering businesses with more control over their processes.

Integrated Approach to Service Accounting

The Entartes Service Plugin presents an integrated solution for service accounting, offering traceable financial transactions for registering warranties and handling claims.

Diverse Range of Service Actions

The plugin covers a wide array of service scenarios, from Repairs and Returns to Installations and Recalls, providing the adaptability to handle various service requirements effectively.

Automation and Excellence with Service Operation Templates

The plugin introduces Service Operation Templates, a feature designed to auto-generate standardized Service Operations, ensuring consistent service delivery and operational excellence.


The Entartes Service Plugin is more than a tool; it's a comprehensive innovation designed to maximize the potential of NetSuite for service management. Join us as we delve deeper into the dynamic features of the Entartes Service Plugin in our upcoming blog posts and YouTube videos, and experience the future of service management today.

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