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Transforming the NetSuite Vendor Center: A Case Study

As a leading NetSuite consulting company, we are committed to providing custom solutions that drive efficiency and streamline business processes for our clients. In this blog post, we share a case study of a large distributor based in Austin. We customized their NetSuite vendor center to improve communication, efficiency, and vendor autonomy. Read on to learn how we transformed their operations and achieved impactful results.

Our client, a large distributor in Austin, was seeking to streamline their purchase order (PO) and shipment processes. With numerous vendors to coordinate with, they required a solution that would improve communication, enable vendors to acknowledge or partially acknowledge POs, and allow for the setting of estimated delivery dates and shipping quantities.

Purchase Order Acknowledgements 

We provided a feature that allows vendors to acknowledge or partially acknowledge purchase orders. This streamlined the process of accepting orders, reducing miscommunications and ensuring that vendors and the client were on the same page about what was being delivered and when.

To further improve the efficiency of the PO process, we implemented a feature that enables vendors to set their estimated delivery dates and shipping quantities. This allowed for better planning and coordination, ensuring that the client was always aware of when and how much inventory to expect.


To bridge the gap between vendors and vendor coordinators, we enhanced the communication features of the Vendor Center. This facilitated smoother operations, enabling timely and effective communication between all parties involved.

Vendor Configured Shipments

Finally, we provided the ability for vendors to configure their own shipments, linking them to native inbound shipment records. This feature empowered vendors, giving them more control over their shipments and providing a clearer view of the delivery process.

At Entartes, we believe in the power of customization to transform business operations. This case study illustrates how the right features can streamline processes, improve communication, and empower vendors. If you're looking for similar solutions, feel free to reach out to our team. We're always here to help you optimize your NetSuite experience.