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Seamless industry-centric solutions with NetSuite e-commerce


The NetSuite e-commerce platform is formulated to optimize and elevate the operations and user experiences of both online and offline stores while catering to the specific needs of B2B and B2C businesses. NetSuite provides a robust solution for managing inventory, orders, customer data, and other crucial aspects of e-commerce. Its specialized features streamline brand interactions, enhance return on investment (ROI), and empower business leaders to attract more traffic, boost conversion rates, and maintain high levels of customer engagement


Key highlights:

Comprehensive E-Commerce Integration:

NetSuite's platform brings together essential e-commerce functionalities into a cohesive experience, optimizing both front-end and back-end operations. 

Dual-Mode Platform:

With capabilities tailored for both B2B and B2C environments, NetSuite ensures a versatile and streamlined approach to managing diverse e-commerce activities. 

Unified B2B & B2C Platform:

Catering to both business models, NetSuite simplifies operations with a single solution that meets the needs of diverse market segments. 

Optimized Mobile Experience:

Recognizing the critical role of mobile platforms in today's market, NetSuite excels in mobile commerce optimization, ensuring a responsive and user-friendly design across all devices. 

Enhanced Operational Flexibility:

NetSuite's architecture is built for agility, enabling businesses to adapt to evolving market demands and operational requirements, thereby boosting efficiency and scalability. 

Enhancing ecommerce operations with NetSuite 

Revolutionize your B2B enterprise with our NetSuite for ecommerce solutions. Experience boundless growth potential and cultivate a cohesive brand expansion strategy to unleash the full spectrum of benefits that await you. 


Experience the convenience of our mobile-friendly service! Our responsive, mobile-optimized design empowers you to effortlessly generate content across various devices. Whether you're using a smartphone, tablet, or desktop, our platform seamlessly adjusts to different screen sizes and capabilities. 

Effortless site management  

Simplify your website management with our NetSuite ecommerce solutions. Take benefit of intuitive drag-and-drop tools to effortlessly launch new promotions, craft captivating landing pages, or publish fresh content—all without the need for extensive IT resources. 

Cost-effective solutions  

Embrace significant savings with our NetSuite e-commerce platform, engineered to minimize unnecessary overhead and technology investments. By streamlining your operations, this powerful tool not only conserves valuable resources but also integrates your commerce solutions seamlessly. This efficiency translates into reduced service costs and an enhanced return on investment, allowing you to focus more on growth and less on expenditure. 

Enhanced business agility  

Unlock unparalleled business agility with our cloud-based NetSuite for the ecommerce industry. By reducing operational costs and increasing efficiency, our platform empowers you to focus on what truly matters—growing your business. Say goodbye to the headaches of managing hardware and software and embrace a future of streamlined operations and limitless potential. 

Our NetSuite ecommerce platform for B2B & B2C 

Our NetSuite ecommerce platform is ideal for both B2B and B2C companies. This robust solution provides seamless integration, exceptional features, and unmatched flexibility. So, you can transform your operations and achieve new heights without compromising quality. 

NetSuite for B2B  

NetSuite for B2C 

Custom pricing and quoting: NetSuite ecommerce empowers your business to create customer-specific pricing tiers and streamline complex quoting processes, ensuring tailored solutions for your clients. 

Personalization: Enhance customer experiences with targeted marketing, personalized product recommendations, and dynamic content tailored to individual preferences. 

Account management: Seamlessly manage customer accounts, track order histories, and deliver personalized service to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

Responsive design: Ensure a consistent, user-friendly experience across all devices with NetSuite's adaptive design, catering to your customers wherever they are. 

Multi-channel sales: Centralize your sales channels to ensure accurate product availability and pricing, providing a unified shopping experience. 

Fast checkout: Streamline the checkout process to increase conversion rates, providing a smooth and efficient path to purchase. 

Complex inventory management: Efficiently manage large inventories, product variations, and multiple warehouses to maintain optimal stock levels and streamline operations. 

Social commerce: Leverage social media platforms for direct selling, expanding your reach, and engaging with customers where they spend their time. 


Real-time ecommerce data analytics: Utilize real-time data and analytics to make informed decisions, driving your business success with actionable insights. 

Our valued customers 

Uncover the dynamic network of companies we've partnered with, spanning from burgeoning startups to industry-leading enterprises across diverse sectors. With each collaboration, we bring unwavering dedication to exemplary service delivery, ensuring every project is met with unparalleled commitment. Explore the esteemed roster of our prominent clients below. 

Why choose Entartes’s NetSuite for your Ecommerce business? 


With over a decade of hands-on experience in catering B2B/B2C businesses with our NetSuite ecommerce services, we are uniquely positioned to guide your organization toward success. Our seasoned experts specialize in streamlining operations, implementing automation, inventory management, and serving as trusted partners for enterprises embarking on a transformative journey toward digital excellence while ensuring a seamless customer experience. 


Experience and expertise 

At Entartes, our community is rich in experience, boasting years of successful NetSuite e-commerce platform deployments. When you partner with us, you gain access to a vibrant network of industry specialists dedicated to delivering exceptional solutions. Our experts bring a wealth of knowledge and a track record of success, ensuring that your e-commerce initiatives are in capable hands. 


Better return on investment 

When you choose Entartes, you're investing in more than just a service – you're investing in a strategy designed to optimize your online/offline store experience, delivering a superior return on investment. We understand your e-commerce challenges and craft tailored strategies and long-term solutions aimed at streamlining operations while maximizing efficiency and profitability. 


Result-oriented strategic approach

Our partnership begins with a deep alignment of your e-commerce storefront initiatives with your broader business objectives. By collaborating closely, we ensure that every action taken is strategically poised to drive long-term success. Utilizing our advanced inventory management solutions, we optimize your operations to meet these goals efficiently, fostering sustained growth and a competitive edge in the marketplace. 


Reliable tailored commerce solutions.

Recognizing that each business is unique, we leverage a wealth of credible resources and tools customized to your e-commerce needs. From implementation to ongoing support, we are committed to equipping you with the resources and expertise necessary to unlock the full potential of NetSuite for e-commerce for a seamless experience. 


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Post-implementation customer support.

At Entartes, our commitment to your success doesn't end with implementation. We prioritize long-term partnerships, offering continuous support and training to your team to ensure you're equipped to navigate any challenges and capitalize on every opportunity for growth. With Entartes by your side, you can confidently embrace the future of your offline or online store with our NetSuite ecommerce platform. 


Get customized NetSuite Solutions for your Ecommerce Success with us.