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NetSuite OneWorld: Global Business Solution Guide

Juggling between multiple platforms for transparency and data accessibility? NetSuite OneWorld is your comprehensive solution.   

NetSuite OneWorld is a global powerhouse designed to transform how businesses operate internationally. Its advanced capabilities simplify complex processes, enhance visibility across subsidiaries, and facilitate smooth financial consolidations, positioning your enterprise to excel on the global stage. . 
According to 6Sense research, 71.48% of companies in the United States leverage NetSuite OneWorld services, holding around 0.27% market share. Similarly, countries like the United Kingdom with 8.05%, and Australia with 5.37% also utilize these services.

This illustration underscores the importance of thoroughly understanding the features and advantages of NetSuite OneWorld for your business. This concludes our discussion in this blog post 

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What is NetSuite OneWorld Service? 

NetSuite OneWorld is a comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. It is designed especially to manage operations, finance, and customer relationships across multiple subsidiaries, regions, and currencies with a single account. Additionally, it offers capabilities such as financial consolidation, tax compliance, and CRM, making it an ideal solution for managing inter-related business processes across different subsidiaries. 

 Unlock the exclusive capabilities with NetSuite Oneworld 

  1. Global ERP :- You can maximize the potential of enterprise resource planning with OneWorld and attain comprehensive visibility into your business operations from a unified perspective. Covering finance, procurement, order processing, and inventory management, it offers seamless end-to-end visibility across all aspects of your operations.
  2. Global CRM :- You can centralize customer data, track interactions, and align sales and marketing processes by leveraging OneWorld's CRM solution. Whether it's lead management, customer support, or personalized marketing campaigns, CRM enhances communications and exceeds customer expectations.
  3. Global Ecommerce :- When utilizing OneWorld solutions for eCommerce, you can reap the benefits of web stores, inventory management, and payment gateways, making it easier to sell your services and products in the market while maintaining an exceptional shopping experience for customers. 

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Why should you choose NetSuite One World Services for your business?

Implementing NetSuite OneWorld can transform your entire business landscape. From optimizing financial management, efficiency, and customer experience to fostering business growth and staying ahead in the dynamic marketplace, NetSuite OneWorld emerges as the ultimate game-changer.

Here’s the reason why this service is the top choice of businesses like yours:

  1. Global business management :- Handling data or finances for small groups or startups may be easier to manage. But, overseeing data for large enterprises becomes challenging when your business branches are located at multiple locations. This is where NetSuite OneWorld steps in. It streamlines your business operations and assists you in managing multiple subsidiaries, business units, and legal entities scattered across the globe. So, whether you're a corporate or divisional leader, you gain insights into business performance, from summaries to details, and ensure everything works in an organized manner.
  2. Complete ERP system in the cloud :- Establishing on-premise IT infrastructure and resources may be costly to address your challenges. However, opting for the already existing, pocket-friendly cloud-based enterprise resources planning system can help you maximize its benefits. With NetSuite OneWorld services, you can effortlessly manage corporate and subsidiary operations.
  3. Comprehensive multi-currency management :- When you have multiple branches or subsidiaries of your business globally, it can be challenging to manage finances. That's where NetSuite OneWorld comes in. According to Upgradedpoints, OneWorld processes over 535 million transactions annually across more than 180 countries, making it a valuable, trusted, and ideal choice for businesses worldwide. 
    It provides capabilities such as a robust multi-currency management system that streamlines all your financial operations, from generating invoices to accepting multi-currency payments and reporting and even addressing risk mitigations during transactions.
  4. Gain real-time visibility anytime, anywhere :- Making an informed decision based on assumptions could lead to incorrect results. That's why gaining real-time visibility into every aspect of your business operations becomes necessary. The advantage of utilizing NetSuite OneWorld services in the US is remarkable. It provides real-time access to critical data across sales, finance, and inventory, equipping your business to effectively meet market demands and customer expectations. 
    But that's not all. Its user-friendly interface keeps you connected to your business, ensuring optimal performance, enabling quick actions, and maintaining crystal-clear transparency and efficiency throughout your business operations.
  5. Scalability for unlimited growth :- In today's era of rapid innovation, it is common to constantly encounter new technologies entering the market. However, it is essential to stay ahead of these technological advancements to remain competitive. That's why businesses need to opt for solutions like NetSuite OneWorld services, which offer greater scalability and allow you to grow without limitations. So, you can scale your ongoing services as the business expands to meet customer demands and remain competitive.  
    For instance, OneWorld airlines has covered approximately 1,100+ destinations so far, allowing businesses to expand their footprints internationally, and facilitating market penetration and customer acquisition.
  6. Audit and compliance reporting :- Each year, numerous businesses suffer substantial financial losses due to security breaches and fraudulent activities. Often, these incidents occur because companies may not be fully aware of the threats or have not implemented adequate compliance and protection measures. 
    According to the FINRA Investor Education Foundation, being aware of specific scams reduces the likelihood of encountering them by 80%. Furthermore, engagement with these scams decreases the chances of losing money and sensitive information by 40%. 
    NetSuite OneWorld offers robust compliance features like HIPAA and GDPR, along with financial regulations. This enables you to generate accurate financial reports with complete transparency and maintain automated reporting, saving time and reducing errors. Whether it's tax filings, financial statements, or internal audits, OneWorld simplifies the process. 
  7. Accounting and financial consolidation :- Consolidating financial data can indeed be daunting, but with NetSuite OneWorld solutions, it becomes a walk in the park. This platform seamlessly unifies your business accounts and finances, providing a comprehensive view across multiple subsidiaries, branches, and regions. Essentially, all your business processes are streamlined and consolidated under one dashboard, eliminating the need to juggle between various platforms to access records. Moreover, NetSuite facilitates intercompany transactions, optimizing every aspect of financial operations throughout the organization. 

Industries/Companies using NetSuite One World Services

The NetSuite OneWorld service caters to various industries, aiding companies in streamlining their business operations, managing multiple subsidiaries, and maintaining financial records. 

Here is a list of companies that have already implemented OneWorld to bolster overall performance and enhance operations. 

  • GoPro: GoPro is an American technology company renowned for its premium cameras and mobile applications. The company unleashes the full potential of NetSuite OneWorld through integration and experiences exceptional results, including optimized order management response times, a global supply network, improved investor relations, and enhanced overall business performance.
  • Coca-cola: The Coca-cola Foundation Philippines is a well-known non-profit organization that utilizes NetSuite OneWorld to its advantage. Since integrating this service, Coca-Cola has experienced seamless operations and made a positive impact on underprivileged Filipinos.  
    As discussed, the OneWorld services are not limited to specific industries; many other brands, such as Siz Apart, Kana, Virgin Money Australia, and Domain-8 Enterprise Solution, also benefit from them.
  •  Pricing model for NetSuite Oneworld services :-  The NetSuite OneWorld solution comes with various pricing models depending on the platform's capabilities, features, and user accessibility. To unlock the full potential of OneWorld, you can choose the package that caters to your business needs. Here are the pricing details for each package: 
    1. NetSuite starter package – Ideal for business within country with defined operations.
      Number of users: 2-10
    2. NetSuite for mid-market – Ideal for business operating one or more country with complex requirements

      Number of users: 11-150

    3. NetSuite enterpriseIdeal for businesses who manage expansive operations, navigate multiple currencies and subsidiaries, and frequently oversee acquisitions.
      Number of users: 150+ 

    4. NetSuite support Ideal for businesses acquiring NetSuite needing support, rescue, or system optimization


Are you ready to streamline your business finances? 

Choosing NetSuite OneWorld is more than just adopting a service; it means becoming part of a global ecosystem designed to enhance the growth and success of your business. However, deploying this system effectively presents its own set of challenges and requires specialized expertise. For optimal utilization of its features, the guidance of a seasoned NetSuite OneWorld consultant in the US is essential. This is precisely the role Entartes fulfills, providing the expert assistance needed to harness the full potential of NetSuite OneWorld. 

Entartes is a certified consultant dedicated to helping businesses maximize their ERP investment. With our diverse range of OneWorld solutions, we guarantee that businesses can achieve real-time visibility into the areas they need to manage and experience unprecedented growth. Leveraging our years of experience and tailored solutions for businesses like yours, we help streamline your operations and drive success in today's dynamic market. 


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