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NetSuite Preflighting

In the fast-paced world of digital media, the need for accurate and efficient processes is paramount. One critical aspect in this space is the validation of Portable Document Format (PDF) files, which are ubiquitous in various industries for their versatility and compatibility. At Entartes, we've harnessed the power of NetSuite and the Enfocus Preflight container to create a seamless PDF validation process integrated directly into sales orders.

Why PDF Preflighting?

PDF preflighting is a process that checks and validates the suitability of PDF files for their intended output. It's an essential step in many industries, particularly in those dealing with digital media, advertising, and printing. Errors in a PDF file can result in costly reprints or, even worse, unsatisfied customers. Preflighting helps to identify these potential issues early on, saving time, money, and maintaining the quality of output.

The Power of Enfocus Preflight

Enfocus, a leader in PDF quality control, automation, and production, offers the PitStop Library SDK, a powerful tool for PDF preflighting. The PitStop Library allows developers to integrate PDF quality control into their applications, providing a robust platform for detailed analysis and correction of PDF files.

NetSuite and Enfocus: A Powerful Combination

We've leveraged the power of the Enfocus Preflight container to build an integration with NetSuite, one of the world's leading cloud-based ERP systems. This integration allows for automatic preflighting of PDFs attached to sales orders in NetSuite.

When a sales order with an attached PDF is created or updated in NetSuite, our integration triggers the Enfocus Preflight container to validate the PDF. It checks for a wide range of potential issues, such as incorrect colors, low-resolution images, missing fonts, and more. If any issues are detected, the system generates a detailed report outlining the problems, which can then be addressed before the PDF goes to print or is sent to a client.

This integration provides a seamless, automated process for PDF validation, significantly reducing manual work and the risk of errors. It ensures that only validated, high-quality PDFs are associated with your sales orders, enhancing your business's professionalism and customer satisfaction.

Wrapping Up

At Entartes, our goal is to help businesses optimize their processes through innovative technology solutions. Our integration of NetSuite and the Enfocus Preflight container is just one example of how we're making this happen. If you'd like to learn more about how our solutions can help streamline your operations, feel free to get in touch with us today.

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