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Improve Customer Service with Our NetSuite Order Status Tracker

In today's fast-paced world, customers want and expect to see their order status updates in real time. They want transparency. Seeing this need, and knowing there aren't many options for NetSuite users, we're excited to share our solution that changes the game in customer service and makes operations smoother: our NetSuite Order Status Tracker Plugin. This plugin fits perfectly into your NetSuite setup. It not only makes customers happier by keeping them informed but also makes your team's work easier.

Easy Order Tracking: Give Your Customers More Power

With our plugin, customers can see every step of their order, from when it's placed to when it's delivered. This is thanks to our Order Status Timeline feature. We've made sure this feature works perfectly with NetSuite's systems. This means it doesn't just show generic updates. Instead, it gives updates that make sense for how your business works. This smart setup means customers get updates that are relevant to them. They'll always know where their order is, cutting down on the need to call customer service. This leads to a much better shopping experience for everyone.


Action Buttons: Take Your Workflows Next Level

Besides tracking orders, our plugin lets you bring your customers right into your workflow with action buttons. These buttons change the game. Instead of just watching their order's progress, customers can interact directly, making their journey with your service active and engaging. This means we're connecting the work happening behind the scenes to the actions customers take on the front end. Our plugin makes sure everything runs smoothly, giving both your team and your customers a better experience.

Beyond Orders: Sharing Files

Our dedication to being open and making things easy goes beyond just showing where an order is. Our plugin also creates a safe place for you to share important documents with your customers. This includes packing slips, invoices, and any other files they might need for their orders. This not only makes handling documents easier but also makes sure customers have everything they need right where they can see it. And if you need documents from your customers? They can just click the "Attach Files" button and upload what you need directly to the order. 

Elevate Your Business with Our NetSuite Plugin

Our NetSuite Order Status Plugin is more than just a tool—it's a breakthrough for e-commerce companies aiming to improve their customer service and make their operations smoother. With features like real-time updates, clear expected ship dates, direct tracking links, and quick access to essential documents, we're doing more than just making things better for your customers; we're changing the game.

Step into the future of e-commerce with our plugin. See for yourself how it can change your customer service and make your business run more efficiently. Learn more at Smartes Solution today!

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