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The Top SuiteCommerce Extensions for 2022

SuiteCommerce provides its developers with a vast array of customization options and extensions to craft the most ideal experience for your customers’ online shopping experience. In the everchanging e-commerce space, it’s important to access critical features that customers experience in their day-to-day online shopping experience. Luckily, SuiteCommerce is jampacked with extensions and customization options that ensure you’re providing your customers with everything needed to purchase confidently online. In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the popular extensions available with your SuiteCommerce license:

Best Sellers

SuiteCommerce's Best Sellers extension uses a sorting option enabling you to show off your web store's best-selling items. This extension can be utilized in different ways such as:

  • Sort your product list page by best-selling items
  • Set up specific merchandising zones to showcase best-selling items

Best Sellers adds additional fields to your item records that are considered when calculating best-selling item sorting. You can choose to exclude specific items or override the best seller calculation to highlight specific items in the product list, custom landing pages, and merchandising zones. You can use either sales quantity or sales amount to determine whether an item is a best seller for a given period.


The Blog extension lets you create blog posts for your website using Site Management Tools (SMT). You can add posts with images, include post excerpts, and organize posts with categories and tags.

You can create a blog spotlight to highlight selected posts on additional areas of your site. Use an RSS feed to increase customer interaction with your blog and enable JSON-LD to improve search engine optimization.

Featured Category

The Featured Category extension lets you highlight a commerce category on your website. This extension allows you to customize your featured category’s appearance and behavior. You can choose how many items you want to show and add a button to link to the category page. For each item highlighted in the featured category section, you can display the product image, name, and price. Clicking on an item takes users to the product detail page (PDP) for more information and purchasing options.

Featured Product

The Featured Product extension lets you highlight a recommended product on your website in a featured section. You can customize the appearance and the behavior of the Featured Product section. You can display the item's availability and price, and add a ribbon to the product. You can display the product image or upload a new image to be shown.

When you enter a product ID, the product information is retrieved from the Item record. You can choose to hide or show the product’s availability.

You can use the product image taken directly from the Item record or upload a new image. If there are multiple images associated with the Item record, the first image is displayed. Your theme’s image placeholder is used if there are no images in the Item record or if you have entered the ID of a matrix child item.

If you make pricing information available to all customers, the item’s price is also shown. For matrix items with different prices, a price range is displayed.

Gift Certificate Management

The Gift Certificate Management extension lets you do the following:

  • Group Gift Certificates in Your Web Store — group existing Gift Certificates to display them as item options in your web store.
  • Add Gift Certificate Value Check — allow users to check the remaining balance of gift certificates on a new landing page.
  • Display Gift Certificates in My Account — let users check the remaining balance of gift certificates, review gift certificate details, and store the gift certificates in their My Account.

Gift Wrap & Message

The Gift Wrap & Message extension lets you offer gift wrap options in your web store and allow users to add personalized messages to their orders. You can:

  • Create multiple gift wrap items, organizing your options by size, color, and type
  • Determine items to be gift wrapped and the gift wrap options to be used
  • Display gift wrap colors and images in the web store
  • Customize the messages displayed to users

Gift options are displayed on the product detail page and in the cart summary. Users see a link to add gift wrap below the product options. When they click this link, the gift wrap options available for the product are shown. You can include gift wrap options as images or text, and provide a description. The gift wrap price is displayed.

You can set up various gift wrap options for each item or a single gift wrap option for all items. Items only display the gift wrap options that can be used.

You can also allow users to add a personalized message to their order. They can enter their name, the recipient’s name, and add a personalized text message. You can then print the message and attach it to the order’s packing slip.

Grid Order

The Grid Order extension lets you set up matrix items to display purchasing options in a table on the Product Details page (PDP).

When you activate this extension, you configure items to use Grid Order. These items display purchasing options in a tabular format in place of the standard experience. This view is ideal for customers who require buying several variations of an item.

For example, a user can add the following items to their cart at one time:

  • 10 small red gloves
  • 10 medium black gloves
  • 15 large white gloves


Infinite Scroll

The Infinite Scroll extension loads content continuously as users scroll down the page, eliminating the need for pagination. This extension allows users to view items on the Product Listings page (PLP) easily and efficiently, ultimately encouraging sales. With the optional auto-scroll feature, you can choose whether users need to click a button to show more content or continue to scroll as new products are automatically loaded onto the page.

Inventory Display

The Inventory Display extension lets you show stock status and available quantity on an item's Product Details page (PDP). You can customize the behavior for different types of inventory, such as special orders or drop ship items. You can also create an additional message to display when an item is low on inventory.

This extension displays different notifications, depending on how you set up your web store. For more information on what determines inventory visibility with different types of items, see Item Inventory.

For assembly items, the extension displays the number of completed products available. For matrix items, the extension adapts to display each item option’s inventory level.


Item Badges

The Item Badges extension lets you display promotional badges on a product. Item Badges appear on the Product Details and Product Listings pages, as well as in image carousels. You can use these to promote certain products to users by choosing the label, shape, and size of the badge.


Order Status

The Order Status extension lets you display billing and shipping information of a purchase order to customers on your website. After providing an order number and email address or Zip Code, both guests and registered customers can view the following:

  • Order fulfillment progress
  • Payment summary
  • Shipping details, including tracking numbers
  • Pickup in store details, including store location

To see their full purchase history, registered customers can log in and visit the My Account area without requiring the Order Status extension.

Product Comparison

The SuiteCommerce Product Comparison extension lets users see a side-by-side comparison of web store items. Users can select up to four products to compare at one time and can use the information to make a quicker and easier purchasing decision. You can configure the comparison page and select the item fields to include in the comparison table.


Stock Notifications

The Stock Notifications extension lets users sign up for an email notification alerting them when an out-of-stock item again becomes available. If enabled, users see a stock notification option on the Product Details pages. Logged in users can visit the Stock Notifications tab of their My Account page to view details of the items to which they are subscribed, the notification statuses, and the option to cancel a notification. 


Custom Extensions

If out-of-the-box extensions don't suit your needs, NetSuite allows you to write your own extensions using the extensibility framework. This is a common method for customers to implement their own business logic directly into their e-commerce platform. Some common custom extensions include:

  • Estimated delivery dates
  • Mobile notifications
  • Manage e-commerce users
  • Online configurator
  • And many more...

3 Key Takeaways From This Blog

  1. SuiteCommerce has a plethora of different extensions to help create an unrivaled shopping experience for your customers
  2. SuiteCommerce extensions are easy to install, quick to go live, and trustworthy.
  3. SuiteCommerce allows you to write your own extensions if the available options aren't enough. Create extensions specific to your business needs just like your NetSuite ERP software.

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