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The best SaaS for SMBs

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), or software on demand, is a software delivery model in which the software resides on a central server, usually in the cloud. Therefore, users access SaaS on a subscription basis, rather than paying a license fee upfront. 

And for this exact reason, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are increasingly likely to obtain IT services through SaaS: it eliminates the need for them to maintain the software themselves! 

Many SMBs, however, don’t know which SaaS solution they should invest in or start with. Should they cloud-manage their communications first? Accounting? Client relationship? Marketing? Documents?

Choosing the right solution can be challenging, especially for SMBs with tight budgets; there are so many interesting, top of the line, available alternatives in the market right now. “Which one should I pick?,” many of my clients ask.

Here are some SaaS solutions that I believe could make a difference in the digital transformation process of small businesses. 

Full disclaimer before we continue: all the software programs listed here are part of public lists of top SaaS and cloud solutions that benefit small businesses. Also, Entartes we sell the license and consult on ERP implementation processes for NetSuite's SuiteCommerce, however we do not offer any of the other licenses. 


B2B & SaaS solutions review platform FninancesOnline says that NetSuite's ERP's e-commerce solution SuiteCommerce transforms any SMB's siloed online business into a unified store. It seamlessly integrates multiple shopping channels such as physical stores, online shopping, and phone orders with business functions like customer service, finance, and marketing.

SuiteCommerce also allows business-to-customer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) sellers to quickly build customized shopping experiences for their channels. This ERP implementation lets e-commerce businesses take control of every aspect of its sales activities promptly. 

Agile CRM

Agile CRM is a flexible Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that's also easy to use. This type of ERP software focuses on automating manual processes like sales functions and pipeline management, allowing a business to increase its sales while reducing the time needed to perform routine tasks like checking inventory levels. All of these features improve the efficiency of the sales process, helping businesses meet their business.

Agile automatically creates and assigns tasks to improve productivity, according to FinancesOnline’s list of 30 SaaS Tools for Small Business in 2021, which I recommend any small business to check out. 

This  cloud based software for small businesses also performs deep analytics, real-time metrics, and reporting that provides valuable insight into customer behavior. Additional capabilities include lead scoring and real-time alerts; managing deals by scheduling appointments, phone calls, and follow-up emails. Furthermore, Agile CRM attaches associated documents to customer accounts, making it an excellent choice for mall business in 2021.

Zoho Social

This social media management software makes the list of top 10 SaaS or cloud ERP solutions that benefit small businesses by software development company Byteant. 

It allows creating and managing content for social networks to streamline business processes. This SaaS also obtains information on customers' preferences from social networks, along with searching for data on markets and keywords in real-time.

It also schedules the publication of multiple posts, provides performance reports, and monitors your products' customer reviews. And you can use it to engage customers in real-time. FinancesOnline adds that Zoho is compatible with major social media platforms like Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


This customer support software helps optimize resources by dealing with customer queries and complaints more effectively. Its functions include contract management, storing customer and order information, ticketing, registration, and building tutorials.

Technology magazine PCMag reports also that it is one of the best SaaS tools for small business owners, with many other features like automating repetitive tasks, integrated game mechanics, and performing live chats. It also provides a ticketing system for tracking customer messages and your responses instead of merely exchanging emails, and Service-Level Agreement (SLA) management.


This communication software is essential for businesses regardless of company size. It has an intuitive interface and set of features that are easy to understand.

Slack is a multi-platform solution that's currently developing rapidly, according to document management platform Bit AI. It provides vital information about your employees from a feature-rich dashboard, saving time and effort during collaborative efforts. It is also compatible with smartphones and computers, ensuring teammates continuous contact.

HubSpot Marketing

HubSpot Marketing is a marketing and sales software that manages marketing campaigns. It includes multiple functions that improve marketing effectiveness by automating repetitive tasks like social media and website communication.

Website Bit AI also reports that HubSpot Marketing is one of the best SaaS solutions with competitive prices available in the market right now. This SaaS includes benefits of cloud ERP software such as content strategy creation, content optimization, and a social media toolkit to draw visitors' attention. It can also help create professional web pages that will convert those visitors into customers. HubSpot Marketing also provides the general benefits of SaaS software, making it a leader in its niche.


This task and project management software helps manage multiple business tasks more effectively. It's currently one of the leading SaaS solutions in this field, FinancesOnline states adds.

In that regard, Wrike enables dispersing data among front-office staff and developers, thus improving employee satisfaction. It also allows users to easily collaborate on ideas, track their schedules and store their files securely. It also controls costs for small and medium companies (SMBs) by optimizing working processes and improving workflow visibility for both managers and developers.


This file management software lets businesses to store and share text data for co-workers, customers, and partners. Usability and security are the most important properties for this type of software, reducing employee frustration. FinancesOnline reports that M-Files is an intelligent information management platform based on metadata that's repository neutral, allowing locating and downloading data quickly. 

4 Key Takeaways From This Blog

  1. SMBs are more likely to obtain IT services through SaaS because they are subscription-based and eliminate the need to obtain the software themselves.
  2. There’s plenty of SaaS and cloud solutions that benefit small businesses available in the market, but their efficiency and effectiveness will depend on what your business needs.
  3. General benefits of SaaS software include integration, customization, and automation.
  4. Any effective SaaS solution will enable business owners and managers to focus on more crucial tasks while saving money and time.

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