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NetSuite for Houston

I wish NetSuite ERP upon Houston. No it's not a hex. Granted it's a strange thing to wish for but bear with me for a few minutes and I'll explain why. I've been in Houston for a few years now and really appreciate all the city has to offer. The diversity of the people and businesses living here is amazing. The Texas economy in general is vibrant, thanks to the state's can do spirit, low taxes and friendly business environment. I'm originally from Canada and was flabbergasted to learn that the GDP of Texas is roughly the same as the GDP of all of Canada. One state has the same GDP as the second largest geographic country in the world! What's even more amazing is the the four largest cities are all within roughly 3 hours of each other. It doesn't get better than Texas, although a few summer cold fronts would be nice.

Given the economic conditions, I think that the NetSuite ERP platform is something that would serve Houston well. Be it in oil and gas, wholesale/distribution or manufacturing. Sometimes I get a little competitive when I hear Dallas or Austin doing well, I say well Houston's still on the rise and at least the housing is still pretty cheap. I feel vested in the city and anything I can do to help it or the business community grow would be an honor. I do feel like the NetSuite ERP platform really has something to offer the Houston business community. While it may not be a fit for every business, I do believe it leaves many other ERP software in the dust.

What does NetSuite have to offer Houston? Bottom line, it takes the concept of a platform, adds in a CRM and combines it with ERP features and puts them together. This results in the one of the most powerful ERP technology offerings for companies today. 

Entartes, an Oracle NetSuite Solution Partner based in Houston Texas, helps clients in all industries successfully implement ERP software for their company. NetSuite has a robust service offering that helps manufacturers and distributors optimize their business processes. To find out more about NetSuite call us today at 1-800-606-4404.


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