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NetSuite Braintree Payment Processing

I'm a big fan of self-managed plugins and apps. Relying on sales reps or account managers for every request is outdated and often leads to unnecessary sales discussions. That's why I was really excited when Braintree, a Paypal product, was announced as a native NetSuite payment processor.  All in all, the NetSuite Braintree plugin works pretty well but there are several important elements currently missing from the plugin that we sought to address through our own Smartes plugin:

  • ability to chargeback customers processing fees
  • online payment page for customer deposits
  • batch settlement reconciliation
  • auto pay process
  • ACH payments

Processing Fees

The payment feature of our plugin is its ability to seamlessly integrate with Braintree to handle credit card processing fees. By automatically calculating and displaying these fees at checkout, the plugin ensures transparency and that fees are accurately passed on to customers.. This feature allows businesses to maintain their pricing integrity while managing the bottom line effectively.

ACH Support

ACH payments are known for their cost-effectiveness and security, making them a preferred choice for many businesses and consumers. Our plugin simplifies the ACH transaction process by providing this option on our online payment page. This integration via Braintree allows for seamless management of ACH payments alongside other payment methods, offering a unified approach to handling transactions.

Customer Deposits

Very few payment plugins offer an online payment page for customer sales order deposits. Our online payment page is designed to make deposit payments as straightforward as possible for your customers. They can view the calculated deposit amount at checkout, choose their preferred payment method, and complete their transaction in a few clicks. This not only enhances the customer experience but also encourages prompt payments, reducing delays in order processing.  

Comprehensive Order Management

Order Status Tracking: Keep your customers in the loop with real-time updates on their order status. This feature enhances customer engagement and satisfaction by providing clear, timely communication about the progress of their purchases.

Customizable Workflows: Adapt the shopping experience to meet the unique needs of your customer base. Our plugin enables you to create custom workflows that help customers transition smoothly from one transaction phase to another, improving the overall flow and efficiency of the purchasing process.

Enhanced File Sharing Capabilities

Share essential files directly through the NetSuite platform. Whether it's product specifications, receipts, or warranties, our plugin facilitates easy file sharing, making it simpler for your team to provide all necessary information to customers right when they need it.

Seamless Integration and Configuration

Like all Smartes Solutions, this plugin is designed for flawless integration into your existing NetSuite setup. It includes a configuration record that allows you to customize fields and functionalities, ensuring the plugin aligns perfectly with your business operations. This level of customization ensures that the plugin not only meets but exceeds your operational requirements.

Why Choose Our Smartes NetSuite Plugin?

With the addition of handling Braintree processing fees, our plugin offers a comprehensive toolkit for enhancing your e-commerce operations. From improving cost management to providing a more dynamic and engaging customer experience, this plugin is designed to meet the evolving needs of modern businesses.

Moreover, the integration ensures that all interactions are secure and compliant with industry standards, providing peace of mind for both you and your customers.

Take Action Today

To learn more about how this plugin can transform your online transaction capabilities or to see it in action, please reach out to us for a detailed demonstration. AtEntartes, we’re committed to helping you streamline your operations and enhance customer satisfaction. Let’s take your business to new heights together!

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