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Case study

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Revolutionizing Warehouse Operations with Custom NetSuite WMS Enhancements


In an era where efficiency and speed are paramount in warehouse operations, our client, an oil and gas company in Houston, faced significant bottlenecks in their inventory management process. The challenge was rooted in the manual entry of custom information for picked items, a task that required transporting goods to a designated station and painstakingly inputting data one item at a time. 

The Challenge

Before our intervention, the warehouse team's workflow was markedly inefficient. Each picked item had to be carried to a central station, where employees were tasked with manually entering custom information into the NetSuite application. This process not only slowed down operations but also increased the risk of data entry errors, leading to potential inventory inaccuracies and impacting overall productivity. 

The Solution

Our team provided comprehensive support and expert guidance to revitalize the stalled implementation:

  • Customized the NetSuite WMS mobile application 
  • Enabled warehouse staff to input custom information directly on their mobile devices during item picking 
  • Simplified the workflow by allowing the team to add necessary details on the same screen where the item pick was recorded 

The Outcome

The impact of this enhancement was immediate and profound: 

  • Time Efficiency: The streamlined process eliminated the need to transport items to a central station for data entry, saving countless hours per month and significantly speeding up the warehouse operations. 
  • Accuracy Improvement: Direct entry of custom information reduced the likelihood of manual errors, enhancing the overall accuracy of inventory management. 
  • Operational Productivity: The warehouse team's productivity saw a remarkable improvement, with the ability to process more orders in less time, directly contributing to increased customer satisfaction and company growth. 


By customizing the NetSuite WMS application to allow for mobile entry of custom information, our consulting team not only addressed a critical bottleneck but also unlocked new levels of efficiency and accuracy for our client's warehouse operations. This case study exemplifies our commitment to delivering innovative, tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients, driving their success through technological advancement and operational excellence.