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Case study

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Transforming Financial Operations with NetSuite for Wellness Machine Leasing


A leading Georgia-based wellness machine leasing company was struggling with the limitations of QuickBooks in managing their growing operational demands. The transition to NetSuite was seen as a strategic move to leverage robust ERP capabilities, but the project was initially beset with delays and challenges, threatening to impact the company's expansion and operational efficiency.

The Challenge

The company's move from QuickBooks to NetSuite was hindered by inadequate project management and technical expertise. The resulting delays and lack of functional integrations caused significant disruptions in financial reporting and customer management processes, posing a risk to business continuity and growth.

The Solution

Our consultancy took swift action to revitalize the project. We implemented a comprehensive solution that included: 

  • Custom scripting to tailor NetSuite functionalities to the specific needs of the leasing business.
  • Seamless data migration to ensure historical data integrity and continuity.
  • Integration of essential ERP features to enhance operational transparency and efficiency.
  • In-depth training sessions on NetSuite best practices to empower the client's team.

The Outcome

The intervention led to significant improvements in the client's financial operations:

  • Time Efficiency: Streamlined financial processes reduced the financial closing period from weeks to days, enabling quicker decision-making.
  • Operational Productivity: Enhanced ERP functionalities allowed better management of customer leases and interactions, boosting customer satisfaction.
  • Scalability: The robustness of NetSuite enabled the company to efficiently manage an increasing volume of transactions and customer data as the business grew.


The successful NetSuite implementation for the wellness machine leasing company exemplifies our ability to convert technological challenges into growth opportunities. Our expertise in NetSuite ERP systems provided the client with the tools necessary for scalable, efficient operations, paving the way for continued expansion and success.