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Case study


Streamlining Procurement in the Oil and Gas Industry


An oil and gas industry supplier faced significant challenges in managing their procurement processes efficiently. With a complex supply chain and high demand for operational precision, they required a robust solution to optimize their procurement schedules and improve supplier relationships. 

The Challenge

The client's existing procurement processes were outdated and unable to manage the high volume and complexity of their operations efficiently. This led to delays, increased costs, and strained supplier relations, which in turn impacted on their ability to meet industry demands timely. 

The Solution

We implemented NetSuite's advanced procurement module, customized to the client's specific needs, with added automation features to enhance functionality: 

  • Automation of routine procurement tasks to reduce manual input and potential errors.  
  • Customization of the procurement module to better manage supplier contracts and scheduling.
  • Integration of real-time data analytics to improve decision-making regarding inventory and supplier management. 

The Outcome

The new procurement system revolutionized the client's operations: 

  • Cost Efficiency: Achieved a 25% reduction in procurement-related costs through more efficient management and automation. 
  • Supplier Performance: Improved supplier delivery times and service levels, enhancing overall supply chain reliability.
  • Operational Resilience: Increased resilience against supply chain disruptions, maintaining steady supply chain operations even in volatile market conditions.


By customizing and enhancing the NetSuite advanced procurement module, we provided the client with a powerful tool that not only streamlined their procurement processes but also supported their growth and stability in the competitive oil and gas industry. This case study highlights our ability to deliver tailored solutions that address specific business challenges and drive significant operational improvements.