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Case study


Elevating E-Commerce with SuiteCommerce Advanced Customizations


A forward-thinking company approached us with the vision to revolutionize their online presence and enhance customer interaction on their e-commerce platform. They aimed to offer unparalleled flexibility and customization in their product offering and order management processes. Leveraging our expertise in NetSuite solutions, we embarked on an ambitious project to implement SuiteCommerce Advanced, integrating custom functionalities that catered to the unique demands of their diverse clientele. 

The Challenge

The client's existing e-commerce platform was limited in functionality, offering little to no customization for their customers. They required a robust solution that could handle:


  • Custom quote adjustments, including markups and specific tax rates.
  • Product customization for a wide range of items, from print materials to industrial designs.
  • Application of additional charges based on complex business logic.  
  • An enhanced order status page for improved customer interaction and transparency. 

The Solution

Our comprehensive approach involved several key enhancements to the SuiteCommerce Advanced platform, tailored to meet and exceed our client's expectations: 


  • Custom Quote Functionality: We developed a sophisticated feature allowing customers to modify quotes directly, including the ability to add markups, apply their own logos, and adjust for their end customer's tax rates. This gave the client's customers unprecedented control over their purchasing process, aligning perfectly with the client's customer-centric approach. 
  • Product Customization: Utilizing HTML canvas technology, we created a web-to-print configurator that enabled users to personalize products such as flyers, business cards, and brochures. This tool was expanded to accommodate industrial design customizations, including roofing drawings, providing a versatile solution for a wide array of products. 
  • Additional Charges: Our team implemented advanced business logic to automatically apply additional charges, including packing fees, minimum order fees, and surcharges. 

This ensured accurate pricing while maintaining flexibility in fee structures to adapt to various product types and order sizes. 

The Outcome

The implementation of SuiteCommerce Advanced with our custom solutions marked a turning point for the client's e-commerce platform: 

  • Enhanced Customer Engagement: The ability for customers to tailor their orders to their specific needs significantly improved customer satisfaction and loyalty. 
  • Operational Efficiency: Streamlined order management and real-time visibility into order status simplified internal processes, reducing errors and saving time. 
  • Increased Revenue: The customizable product offerings and the addition of strategically applied additional charges led to an increase in average order value and overall revenue. 
  • Market Differentiation: The unique functionalities provided by the custom SuiteCommerce Advanced platform set the client apart from competitors, establishing them as a leader in customer-centric e-commerce. 


This project showcases our ability to transform traditional e-commerce experiences into dynamic, interactive platforms that cater to the specific needs of both our clients and their customers. Through the strategic implementation of SuiteCommerce Advanced and custom developments, we have enabled our client to achieve operational excellence, foster customer loyalty, and drive significant business growth. Our commitment to innovative solutions and client success positions us as a leader in NetSuite consulting services, ready to tackle the challenges of the digital marketplace.