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Case study


Optimizing E-Commerce Logistics with Advanced NetSuite ShipStation Integration


Our client has an e-commerce business and is highly disappointed with their existing logistics operations due to ineffective NetSuite to ShipStation integrations. They need a solution that can handle complex inventory and improve fulfillment reliability. 

The Challenge

The previous integrations did not support the accurate management of serialized inventory, leading to frequent errors and customer complaints. The need for robust and reliable shipping integration was critical to improving operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. 

The Solution

We developed a custom integration solution using direct access to the ShipStation API, focusing on: 

  • Full support for serialized inventory management, ensuring accurate tracking and reporting. 
  • Enhanced synchronization capabilities between NetSuite and ShipStation for real-time data accuracy. 
  • Streamlined workflows for order processing and fulfillment, reducing manual intervention and potential errors. 

The Outcome

The new ShipStation integration revolutionized the clients' e-commerce logistics: 

  • Shipping Accuracy: Improved by 85%, dramatically reducing errors and customer service issues.
  • Operational Speed: Faster processing and fulfillment of orders increased throughput and customer satisfaction.
  • Inventory Management: Enhanced tracking and management of serialized inventory ensured compliance and reduced losses.


By delivering a customized and robust NetSuite ShipStation integration, we enabled our clients to achieve new heights in logistics efficiency and customer satisfaction. This case study showcases our expertise in crafting precise technology solutions that address specific operational needs, enhancing business performance and customer experience.