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Case study


Enhancing Operations for a Canadian Food Company with NetSuite


A Canadian food company aiming to expand into the U.S. market encountered severe challenges with their NetSuite implementation, which threatened to hinder their growth and operational efficiency across borders. 

The Challenge

The initial NetSuite implementation lacked the necessary support and expertise, leading to stalled processes and inadequate handling of cross-border transactions and compliance requirements. 

The Solution

Our team provided comprehensive support and expert guidance to revitalize the stalled implementation:

  • Customization of NetSuite to accommodate the specific needs of food industry regulations and cross-border operations. 
  • Onsite support and strategic counseling to ensure seamless integration and user adoption. 
  • Implementation of best practices for finance and operations to optimize the ERP system’s benefits. 

The Outcome

The new ShipStation integration revolutionized the clients' e-commerce logistics: 

  • Efficiency Improvement: Streamlined operations led to a 50% reduction in transaction processing times. 
  • Compliance and Accuracy: Enhanced compliance with food industry regulations and improved financial.
  • accuracy across multiple jurisdictions. 
  • Growth Support: Provided the necessary infrastructure to support expansion and manage increased transaction volumes effectively. 


This case study demonstrates our expertise in adapting NetSuite to complex industry needs and cross-border challenges, ensuring that our clients are equipped to succeed in their expansion efforts. Our approach not only resolved immediate operational issues but also positioned the company for future growth and efficiency.