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NetSuite Advanced Warranties

For many companies, handling warranties is an important part of their business processes. Manufacturers will often offer warranties to provide customers with piece of mind and to ensure them the products they are purchasing are reliable.

Oracle NetSuite is a robust ERP solution and it includes a warranty bundle out-of-the box, however many of the features only cover some business use cases, leaving customers implementing work arounds. We developed our own warranty module for clients needing to do more with their warranty process.

The solution will be of benefit for customers looking to automate their warranty accounting, which includes automatically accruing warranty reserves and expenses and relieving reserves for claims. The solution offers warranty reports that capture cost and provide a history of warranties per customer. 

The solution will also offer benefits for customers experiencing gaps with the out of the box NetSuite solution, such as customers who need to process replacement parts as part of their warranty claims or for customers who reimburse a partner or vendor for warranty claims.

Finally, for out-of-warranty claims, there is no solution for this in the out-of-the box warranty bundle. With our offering, you can send clients an estimate automatically before processing their warranty claim.

Below is a feature by feature comparison between the out-of-the box NetSuite warranty bundle and our warranty bundle:


Feature NetSuite Entartes
Automatic Registration By Invoice
Expiration By Term
Expiration By Usage (e.g. Mileage)  
Warranty Claims Processing
Multiple Warranties Per Claim  
Repair Claim Processing
Sale Replacement Claim Processing
Parts Replacement Claim Processing  
Sale Return Claim Processing
Vendor/Partner Reimbursement Claim Processing   
Voiding Warranty
Warranty Accounting  
Extended Warranties  
Out-of-Warranty Estimates  


Needing more functionality for warranty processing? Get in touch with us today!


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