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Business NetSuite Challenges Addressed with OneWorld Service

Connecting continents, empowering enterprises, enriching experiences - NetSuite OneWorld services pave the way for how businesses operate internationally. Effectively managing subsidiaries, and navigating complex accounting practices, taxation intricacies, and currency fluctuations are among the primary hurdles impeding overseas business management. That's where NetSuite OneWorld Services steps in. It is robust business management software designed to enable your business to effortlessly manage accounts and financing for various subsidiaries, branches, and sub-branches scattered across the globe. 

Whether in manufacturing, e-commerce, the finance industry, distribution (18%), construction (4%), or any other sector, this cloud-based NetSuite ERP software for OneWorld services stands out as a top-notch solution. 

Even as the ERP market continues to undergo rapid expansion, projections indicate that its total market size is poised to surpass $49.5 billion by 2025. (Source:  

This illustration underscores the importance of choosing NetSuite OneWorld Services to address the common business challenges. That's all we have covered in this blog. 

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NetSuite OneWorld business challenges:

  1. Management of Multiple Subsidiaries  :- One of the foremost challenges that businesses encounter is managing diverse subsidiaries' operations. Since each subsidiary has its own set of operational costs and market dynamics that need to be maintained in different countries, managing it requires a strategic approach or agile methodology that values local business practices while maintaining overall consistency. 
    Here is what NetSuite OneWorld for overcoming business challenges comes in and provides solutions for: 
    1. Operational diversity: Allowing individual subsidiaries to operate uniquely within the dynamic market, fulfilling business necessities through tailored strategies and operational processes.
    2. Cultural sensitivity: Empower you to understand the country's policy, rules, terms & conditions to manage a multinational team and address local market needs.
    3. Corporate governance: OneWorld solutions ensure that each subsidiary seamlessly aligns with the legal governance of the country and clings to the company's core values and objectives
  2. Navigating diverse legal and tax regulations :- Every country has its own set of legal frameworks, local laws, and tax regulations which vary from one region to another. This is where NetSuite OneWorld Solutions steps in to address such business challenges by:  
    1. Compliance challenges:   By leveraging OneWorld services, you can be abreast of and comply with the different legal and tax regulations in the country where you are expanding your business.
    2. Risk of non-compliance:  OneWorld services protect you from the pitfalls of legal issues, financial penalties, and damage to brand recognition. 
    3. Continuous adaptation: Considering safety and data security, our constitution introduces new IT laws that need to be adhered to by companies. NetSuite empowers your business to be agile and responsible while maintaining ongoing compliance. 
  3. As a cloud-based financial data management software, NetSuite OneWorld solution addresses all your business challenges related to finance. Whether it's currency, taxation, or legal compliance at the local, regional, or global level, OneWorld is your go-to solution.
    So far, NetSuite is leveraged by more than 10,000 corporate headquarters and subsidiaries across the globe to address their business challenges including finance management.
    Many big brands including SuccessFactors, RightNow, Jollibee Foods, Siemens, Computer Associates, Knowledge Universe, and more trust their global businesses to NetSuite solutions.
    OneWorld Solutions offers a centralized platform to streamline financial processes and workflows across various subsidiaries. It manages multi-currency accounting, consolidates financial data, and ensures compliance with international accounting standards (IFRS, SOX, and GAAP).
  4. Gaining real-time analytics :- Making decisions based on predictions can potentially result in financial loss and damage to brand reputation. This is where the necessity of acquiring real-time analytics becomes evident. NetSuite OneWorld allows you to utilize a centralized platform where you can generate dashboards to visualize business-driven data in one place. Whether it involves transactions, performance tracking, or any other data, you can analyze everything on the dashboard in infographic format, facilitating informed decision-making.
    By addressing NetSuite reporting challenges with OneWorld services, you can ensure accurate analytics, thereby assisting you in making the right decisions.
  5. Heightened security :- Each year, several businesses encounter substantial financial losses due to data or security breaches and fraudulent activities, which may take the form of scams, malicious websites, or cyber-attacks, manifesting in various ways such as scams, fraud, malicious websites, DDoS attacks, and more. As a result, businesses may incur significant losses, highlighting the importance of opting for top-tier protection measures.
    NetSuite OneWorld services adhere to the most demanding enterprise safety standards with unwavering compliance and robust security measures. Their service-level commitment (SLC) ensures complete performance transparency and the implementation of the strictest data management protocols.
    Many industries consider the OneWorld solution the apt choice for streamlining business operations more efficiently and securely, protecting their sensitive information, and ensuring compliance with data protection laws. Some of these industries include IT and services, staffing and recruitment, and more.



How Entartes can help you? 

Choosing NetSuite OneWorld goes beyond mere service acquisition; it means expanding your business to a broader platform becomes effortless. However, effectively deploying this system presents its own set of challenges and complexities, which is precisely where a NetSuite OneWorld Consultant like Entartes steps in. With their experience and expertise, they can implement tailored OneWorld solutions for your business. 

At Entartes, we stand out as one of the most reputable NetSuite OneWorld service providers in the US, facilitating business with finance management for subsidiaries across the globe. Our proficiency in deployment guarantees a smooth transition to global operations. From guiding you toward the optimal package to providing ongoing support post-implementation, we empower your business to thrive in the global marketplace. 

So, don't let the initial hurdle of OneWorld service deployment hinder your business expansion. Let us help you overcome it. 

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