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Add Login Audit Trail Sublist

As a NetSuite administrator, sometimes you need to troubleshoot an employee role or permission. In other cases you may want to just view their login activity to see if it is worth assigning the employee a license.

By adding a login audit trail sublist to the employee record, it makes it easier to manage employees and only requires a one time 5 minute setup.

Follow the instructions below to add your own login sublist to employee records.

  1. Navigate to Reports -> New Search -> Login Audit Trail
  2. Click on Create New Search for the advanced search view
  3. In your criteria add filters that you would like. For myself I usually add the following:
    1. Status = Success (don't usually need to see failures)
    2. Date onorafter 90 days ago (don't want to pull too much history)
    criteria filters
  4. In the results tab add the columns you want to show. For myself I usually add:
    1. Date (sort descending)
    2. Role
    3. IP Address

      result columns to display

  5. In the Available Filters tab:
    1. Add Employee : Internal Id (this is required to get the sublist to work)
    2. Add any additional filter you would like to use on the sublist (e.g. Role). Make sure to select Show In Filter

      available filters
  6. Rename your search and make Public and then SAVE

    rename search and make public
  7. Navigate to Customization -> Forms -> Sublist -> New
  8. Fill out the fields as per below

    custom sublist definition
  9. Finally navigate to an employee record and see it in action!

end result

Note the same procedure can be applied for customers (e.g. SuiteCommerce or Customer Center), partners and vendors.


















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